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Sauna finlandais / Bain de vapeur

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Sehr guter Platz um geile Männer zu treffen, alle Altergruppen. Im Sling gehts oft richtig geil ab! Ebenso in der Dampfsauna. War nur am frühen Nachmittag dort, bin immer gut bedient worden, geile Typen zum Blasen, Lecken Ficken!!

Friendly staff and awesome website. But do not let it fool you. Went there on a Sat evening in the summer. Maybe it felt different because it's bright outside till 10p, and large eindows let in a lot if light. But in a nutshell; Nothing going on. Teeny tiny spa. Two people cannot walk through at same time. It looks like a very small municipal pool although the place is, in and of itself not small. A lot of space could be used up. I would call it quaint. It was so open, I felt dirty being there expecting some family to just barge in. Well, not really, but you catch my Drift. And that's not a word i would associate with a sauna. Not my cup of tea. I had high expectation from the website, but I might not return. Nice people, uninteresting activity. Never say never, but this one goes on the back burner for now.

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